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Entrepreneur, Public Speaker & Author

Dex Saunier is an entrepreneur, an executive coach to hands-on owners and management teams, a business adviser, and involved in career and start-up coaching. A passionate public speaker on leadership and communication topics. His work has helped hundreds become better leaders, communicators, and influencers in their fields.

It is during his journey towards innovation that he became particularly interested in the evolution of critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, as well as in mind mapping. Sharing his passion for the Sudoku and then other games with his coachees, he came up with the idea of publishing some. Creating from scratch and publishing mind game books has become a passion.

He has lived in Paris, London, and Hong Kong and currently resides in Shanghai. He has two incredibly awesome daughters.

He continues to coach youngsters and adults, create workshops and deliver keynote speeches. To stimulate the mind’s activity, he regularly releases original books for everyone to enjoy.

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